My name is Eunice Farmer. I am 35 years old and a registered nurse working for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2009, I relocated to Dothan, Alabama, to pursue my education as a registered nurse at Wallace Community College.

I first heard about Wallace through an African friend who had already completed the associate’s degree in nursing program at Wallace. When I first stepped through the doors of Wallace, I noticed that all the faculty I came into contact with were nice and sincerely interested in helping their students reach their goals. This made me believe that I was in the right place, where my dreams would not die but be materialized.

Caring comes to me naturally. I am the first daughter of my mother, and my culture in Ghana automatically made me a mother to my siblings. At a young age I cooked and took care of my siblings while my mother spent all day selling at the market. Nursing is my call and passion. I always want to care for others and make people feel happy and comfortable.

Wallace is where ambition, desire, passion, dream, dedication and goal met their resource. The outcome of this is an outburst of success. Every door I walked through at Wallace asking for help led to a discovery of opportunity. Though there were challenges, I would never take no for an answer. When the great people at Wallace recognized my hard work and commitment they held my hands through scholarships to make me what I am today. With the help of the presidential scholarship from Wallace State, I acquired a bachelor’s degree in nursing through the University of Alabama in August 2012.

I am in the process of starting my master’s degree as soon as funding is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Pursuing my master’s will open the door for me to reach out as a nurse educator both in America and Ghana. I will also be able to reach out to a women’s health program in Ghana. My goal is to create health risk awareness and basic gynecological screening for early disease detection and treatment. I am interested in meeting people and entities that want to help women in Ghana.

I am forever grateful to Wallace Community College for the good seed they sowed that continues to grow. Thank you, Wallace, for making my dream.

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